About The KQED Vehicle Donation Program - The Kqed Vehicle Donation Program works hard to assist the communities in the north of California. The program provides many things including free radio and television and digital media applications with educational programming aiming to help everyone associated with the scheme to achieve their maximum potential.
To be more precise, the vehicle donation program helps to keep the radio station afloat providing the necessary funds for purchasing new programs, pay the bills and employees of the station.
It’s really quick and easy to make a donation to the Kqed vehicle donation program. It really is a win-win situation; in fact you could even call it a win-win-win situation. The program helps the people of northern California, it helps to conserve the environment and it can help the people who donate the vehicles to save money.

Anybody who has an unused vehicle blocking up their yard or their driveway really ought to think about the benefits of donating it to this program. I mean, let’s think about it for a moment. The longer a non-running vehicle sits around turning to rust the less likelihood there is of it ever working again – it’s just losing money and creating a nuisance.

Some people hang religiously onto old cars with the plan to restore them “one day” – but that day never ever arrives. They simply forget about it, they never have the time or the money to restore their car and it just ends up being a forgotten pile of junk.

The sensible thing would be to donate that car to the Kqed car donation program. Donations are all tax deductible and could help to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars – the amount depends upon the value of the car and the amount of money it makes at auction.

If you have an old, unused and unwanted car rotting in your back yard then contact the personnel at Kqed and they will schedule the fastest, convenient time for them to call around and collect your vehicle. All you have to do is to provide the title for the vehicle then the car will be collected and taken away. The driver or representative will leave you with a receipt for presentation to the IRS which enables you to receive a tax deduction equaling the amount of your donation.

The Kqed radio station works hard to help communities, the people who need it the most. Don’t you think that this is a fabulous way in which you can help them to help others while also helping yourself?

If you or anybody you know has an unwanted vehicle then don’t hesitate to contact Kqed and arrange for it to be collected. It doesn’t matter how great or small the value of the car – every little helps and every single penny you donate to the Kqed car donation program is tax deductible.This is a great scheme which has helped to raise thousands of dollars to help the people who need it the most. (cardonation101.org)